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You may have come here to explore end-of-life planning options.
  The memorial society movement in North America advocates for simple, dignified, and moderately-priced choice in funeral practices.

Recently, a man reported that his 18-year-old daughter had died ten years ago in a snowmobile accident.  He said, "Before that, my wife and I had been saving a bit each year for our retirement; but the funeral cost us $19,000 and we've never been able to resume saving since."  His bitterness seemed motivated as much by their financial setback as by their emotional loss. 

It is experiences like this that gave birth to the memorial society movement.  Memorial societies do not attempt to tell members what funeral practices they ought to choose.  They exist, rather, to make members aware that there are options available, and to empower members to choose options that are right for them.

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Henry Walser, of the local independently owned funeral home, is our speaker at the Annual General Meeting on Monday October 24, 2016.